Using this service, you can search and pay for your Comal County property tax statements online. 


How can I pay my Comal County Property taxes?

You can also pay your property tax bill from Comal County in person at 205 N. Seguin Ave. in New Braunfels, at 160 Oak Dr. in Sattler, at 30470 Cougar Bend in Bulverde.

Alternatively, you can mail your payment to the following address:

Comal County Tax Assessor-Collector,
P.O. Box 659480,
San Antonio, TX 78265-9480.

Please make sure to enclose a copy of your property tax statement with your payment and write the Property ID Number(s) on your check.

When are property taxes due in Comal County, Texas?

Comal County Property Tax Statements are mailed out in October each year. If you have not received your statement by mid-November, it is your responsibility to notify the Comal County Tax Office so that they can send out another statement.

Property Taxes are due upon receipt of the statement and become delinquent on February 1st of the year following the year the statements were mailed.

Can I make monthly payments on my current or delinquent property taxes in Comal County?

Yes! Comal County Tax Assessor-Collector Office can set up a monthly installment agreement for payment of delinquent taxes only after they have become delinquent (February 1st).

If you wish to pay monthly on taxes before they become delinquent, you may do so between October 1st and January 31st. However, the tax office does not set up any type of agreement for current taxes. If you wish to pre-pay your taxes before the tax statements are mailed, you may do so by way of an escrow agreement, which is based on estimated taxes for the upcoming year.

What options do I have If I can't pay my Comal County Property taxes in full?

Yes! you can contact the Comal County Tax Office to learn more about the following options:

  • Making partial payments;
  • Quarter payments in four equal installments for an individual who is:
    disabled or at least 65 years of age; and qualified for an exemption under Section 11.13(c); or an individual who is qualified for an exemption under Section 11.22.