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When are property taxes due?

The Tax Collector collects all ad valorem taxes and non ad valorem assessments levied in Clay County. Ad valorem taxes are levied annually based on the value of real property and tangible personal property. Ad Valorem taxes are assessed every January 1. Bills are mailed out November 1 for the current calendar year (i.e. 2018 tax bills mailed November 1, 2018 are for property taxes for the 2018 calendar year).

What are Ad Valorem Taxes?

Ad Valorem Taxes (Latin for "according to worth") are taxes based upon the assessed value of three types of property: Real Estate: all lands, buildings, structures, fixtures and all other improvements to land. The terms land, real estate, and real property may be used interchangeably. The assessed value of real property is an annual determination of the just or fair market value of the property established by the Property Appraiser. The taxable value is determined by taking the assessed value minus the amount of any applicable exemptions. Tangible Personal Property: consists of equipment used in conducting a business or all attachments to a mobile home, when the owner of the mobile home does not own the land upon which it is affixed, Centrally Assessed (railroads): taxes assessed to railroads utilizing portions of land in Clay County. Billed in the same manner as personal property taxes and subject to the same delinquent collection methods.

How is the value of my property estimated?

Market value is defined as the most probable sale price for a property in a competitive, open market involving a willing buyer and seller. The market value assessment is unencumbered and may increase or decrease as the market dictates. Florida law charges the property appraiser with the task of valuing all property that is not immune from taxation, or otherwise expressly exempt from valuation. Pursuant to Article VII of the Florida Constitution and s. 195.042, F.S., all property shall be assessed according to its market value on January 1 each year. Additionally, the ad valorem (“according to value”) assessment process is governed by Florida law, including s. 193.011, F.S. The property appraiser considers three generally accepted approaches in the development of market value estimates: the cost approach, sales comparison approach and the income approach. The applicability of each approach depends on the character of the property and the availability of market data.

What are other options to make my property tax payment?

Taxes may be paid on-line, by phone, in person or by mail (taxes on which a tax deed application has been made cannot be paid on line, accounts in bankruptcy - call 904-269-6329 to pay on-line) Current taxes -cash, check (payable to "Clay County Tax Collector", include phone number), debit or credit cards (2.39% fee) Delinquent taxes -no personal checks accepted - may be paid by cash, credit card (2.39% fee) or certified check If paying by mail, amount due for current taxes is determined by the postmark date and for delinquent taxes by date received. Please include phone number on check. If you do not have the return envelope, you may send payment to Clay County Tax Collector PO Box 218 (Overnight Mail - 477 Houston St) Green Cove Springs, FL 32043