Pay Property taxes in Carver County, Minnesota with this online service.


Who do I contact with questions on my property taxes?

For tax questions, please contact the Property Tax, Elections, and License Centers at 952-361-1910 or For questions regarding value or classification, please contact the Assessor's office at 952-361-1960 or

Where do my tax dollars go?

Property taxes are distributed to the county, school district, municipality, and other special taxing districts in which your property is located.

When is my tax bill considered delinquent?

If the tax remains unpaid through December 31st, on January 2nd it is considered delinquent and interest will accrue on a monthly basis. If the delinquent taxes are not paid by the 2nd Monday in May, court judgment will be entered against the property for the unpaid tax, penalty, interest, and costs. This is the beginning of the tax forfeiture process.