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When is my property Tax Bill due?

All tax notices are mailed annually by the 4th Monday of November. December 20th – all property taxes shall be payable on or before this date. Taxes may be paid in two installments 1. First half due December 20th, with a six month grace period 2. Second half due June 20th of the following year

Details of delinqueny ?

Payments mailed for the 1st half taxes must be postmarked on or before December 20th and have a US Postal cancellation mark to be considered current. A postage meter is not an acceptable postal cancellation If the first half is not paid on or before December 20th, that half becomes delinquent and a 2% late charge shall be added. Interest on the delinquent tax and late charge is calculated at the rate of 1% per month beginning January 1st of that year. If the first half tax is paid in part, late charge and interest is calculated on the remaining tax.

What if I don't get a tax notice?

Per Idaho code 63-902(9) the fact you do not receive a tax notice on any property does not excuse you from the taxes or late charge and interest for non-payment. If you have closed a business during the year, purchased property or believe you have not received all your tax notices, please call (208) 454-7354 to inquire.