Pay your property tax bills from Bulloch County, Georgia online using this service. 


What is the penalty for late payment of real property taxes in Bulloch County, Georgia?

Interest at the rate of .0056% per month or fraction thereof begins the day after the due date and each month thereafter. A 5% penalty is applied to the balance owed when the property is 120 days delinquent.  

On each subsequent 120 days, another 5% penalty will be applied up to a maximum of 20% per year on all real and personal property tax bills. Penalty does not apply to property claiming homestead exemption where tax due is less than $500.00.

How are property taxes in Bulloch County, GA calculated?

To determine the amount of your property taxes, the following values are needed: 

  • Fair Market Value (FMV), 
  • Assessed Value (ASV), and 
  • Millage Rate. 

Fair Market Value (F.M.V.) X 40%=Assessed Value

Assessed Value X Millage Rate = Tax

Tax digest = Total of all Assessments

Millage Rate = Proposed Budget / Tax digest

Millage is usually expressed as dollars per $1,000.00 of Assessed Value

Example: In 2014, the County millage rate was set at .020838. If your property has a FMV of $100,000, the ASV would be 40% or $40,000. Multiply the ASV of $40,000 by the millage rate of .020838 to get a close estimate of your property taxes. In this example, property taxes would be approximately $833.52.