Pay your property taxes for Brazoria County, Texas online using this service.


Is there any pre-payment option?

Brazoria County Tax Office does not escrow for pre-payment of property taxes unless required by Property Tax Code Section 31.072 (h) related to certain veterans homestead property, and (i) related to manufactured housing.

How much is the convenience fee for paying property taxes with a credit card?

A convenience fee of up to 2.3% will be charged for all credit card payments by the vendor providing this service. The fee covers the cost of making payment by credit card possible. No part of this fee is retained by Brazoria County.

What happens if the tax is not paid?

Additional penalties and interest will accrue on the account. Delinquent tax notices will continue to be sent. There may be problems selling the property because of the delinquent tax lien on the property. A delinquent tax suit can be filed seeking a judgment foreclosing the tax lien and authorizing the sheriff to sell it at public auction.

When are my taxes due?

Your taxes are due upon receipt of the tax bill. The tax office generally mails tax bills in October. Taxes become delinquent on February 1 of the following year. Delinquent taxes incur penalty and interest on the first day of each month they remain delinquent.