Pay Property taxes in Bonneville County, Idaho with this online service.


When are taxes due?

Taxes are due in full December 20th; however, if at least one-half is paid, a grace period extending to June 20th is granted for the second installment. If the 20th falls on a weekend or legal holiday payments will be accepted as current the next business day.

What happens if my payment is late?

If the first half is not paid on or before December 20th a one-time late charge of 2% on that half will be assessed. Interest begins to accrue on a daily basis beginning January 1st and is calculated based on 1% per month. If the second half is not paid on or before June 20th a one-time late charge of 2% on that half will be assessed. Interest accrues daily at a rate of 1% per month beginning January 1st on unpaid balances. Unpaid taxes on personal property and manufactured homes will be sent to the Sheriff’s Office on a “Warrant of Distraint”. Additional costs will be incurred and payment in full will be required. Therefore it is very important that the December and June payments be made on time.

How and where do I pay my taxes?

Taxes may be paid in person at the Treasurer’s Office at 500 N Capital Ave. or mailed to: Bonneville County Tax Collector 605 N Capital Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We accept cash, checks, money orders or cashiers checks. When mailing payments please do so EARLY. Many postal drop boxes have an early pick-up time. Payments made after pick-up times will be postmarked the NEXT day. It is recommended that you mail payments at least a day or two prior to the deadline.