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When are my property taxes due?

How your property is classified and/or the tax amount, will determine when your taxes are due. Residential homestead, cabins, commercial/industrial and residential non-homestead property with a bill over $100 is due May 15 and October 15 Agricultural homestead and agricultural non-homestead property with a bill over $100 is due May 15 and Nov 15 All real estate property with the tax bill amount of $100 and under are all due May 15 (At the December 14, 2010 Anoka County Board Meeting, Resolution #2010-171 was passed allowing property owners who have multiple parcels (linked property) with aggregate taxes exceeding $100 to make payments in two installments as provided for in Minn. Stat. § 279.01, subd. 1.) Personal property - structures located on leased government land with a bill over $50 may be paid in 2 installments on May 15 and October 15 All other personal property taxes are due in full on May 15 Manufactured Homes over $50 are due August 31 and November 15 Manufactured Homes $50 and under are due August 31 If any of the due dates fall on a weekend, the taxes are due the next business day.

If I pay my property taxes late, is there a penalty?

If you pay your first half or second half property tax after the due dates, a penalty will be added to your tax. The later you pay the greater the penalty you must pay. The taxes for Personal Property located on leased government-owned land may be paid in two installments which are due at the same time as real estate property taxes, and which are subject to the same penalty schedule and penalty rates as real estate property taxes. All other Personal Property taxes are due in full on or before May 15, 20XX. If an installment due date falls on a weekend, it is due the next business day.

Why do I have to pay late fees if I didn’t receive my tax statement?

Only one tax statement per parcel is mailed per year, statements are mailed in mid March. A change in the ownership recorded after January 1 of the current year will not initiate the mailing of a new statement. The statement will be sent to the previous owner / or taxpayer. If you paid off or refinanced your mortgage and were escrowing your tax payment, you are responsible for paying the taxes due. Failure to timely pay your taxes due to not receiving or having a tax statement will not forgive the imposition of penalty and interest. If you have not received your tax statement(s) by April 1st on any year, please call 763-323-5400 and request a duplicate.