Pay your Allen County, Indiana property taxes online using this service. 


Can I make a partial payment for Allen County Property taxes?

Yes, payments may be made anytime in any amount but, the full amount will need to be paid by the due date to avoid penalties on the unpaid balance.

How is the amount of tax I owe derived in Allen County, Indiana?

Your assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate. The tax rate is the total rate of the combined taxing units (County, Township, City or Town, Library, etc.) within each taxing district.

The tax rate is expressed in dollars per hundred dollar of assessed value. This amount is reduced by a state and county credits and by any deductions you may have. 

What happens if I miss a payment for Allen County Property taxes?

A penalty of 5% of the unpaid balance will be added if you have no other delinquencies and the taxes are paid within 30 days of the tax due date. After 30 days (or if you have other delinquencies) the penalty amount is 10% of the unpaid balance.

When are Allen County tax bills mailed and when are they due?

Allen County Tax bills are generally mailed April 10 each year.

The due date can vary a little from year to year if the set dates of May 10 and November 10 fall on a weekend or holiday.