Pay a parking ticket from the City of Saginaw, Michigan online using this service.  

You will need your ticket number below along with the vehicle license plate number that this ticket was issued to access your record online. 


What are common parking ordinances?

The City of Saginaw has a variety of parking ordinances. Here Listed below are a few of the common ones:

  • No Parking 3-6 a.m. There is no parking on any City street between the hours of 3:00am and 6:00 am.
  • Front Yard Parking. You cannot park in your front yard. This has to be a designated area, either cemented or gravel.
  • Right of Way Parking. You cannot park between the curb and the sidewalk.
  • Blocking Sidewalk. If you park in your driveway you cannot block the sidewalk.
  • Handicapped Parking. If you park in a handicapped space you must have a handicapped license plate or your handicapped tag displayed from your rear view mirror. Lying on the dashboard is not acceptable.

How much is the parking fine?

The City of Saginaw parking fees are listed below:

General Parking Overtime

Due now : $15.00
After 10 Days: $30.00

All Other Violations

Due now: $25.00
After 10 Days $50.00


Due now: $150.00
After 10 Days $200.00