Pay for a parking ticket from the City of Lynn, Massachusetts online using this service.

You will need your Citation Number & either the Vehicle plate or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the citation to make a payment or appeal for your citation online.


When are parking tickets issued in Lynn, MA due?

If you receive a Parking violation from the City of Lynn, it is important to pay the violation within 21 days.

Otherwise, significant penalties will be added and your name sent to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for the purpose of non-renewal of your license and registration.

What is the penalty for the late payment of parking tickets in Lynn, MA?

A $5 penalty is added by the City of Lynn if parking ticket is not paid within 21 days and will increase again by $15 after fourteen (14) more days.

A notice will follow upon which time the ticket must be paid or your violation will result in the Non-Renewal of the License/Registration certificate and a $20.00 penalty is added.