Pay your parking tickets/citations online from the City of Great Falls, Montana using this service. 

To make online payments for your citation using the City of Great Falls online system, you will need your citation number or the license plate number of your vehicle. 


What happens if I don't pay my tickets in Great Falls, MT?

If you don’t pay a parking ticket from the City of Great Falls within 30 days, there is an added fee of $10.00. 

If a vehicle has more than 7 unpaid parking tickets, the vehicle can be booted.  To remove the boot, all parking tickets and a $150.00 boot fee must be paid in full.

How much time does a meter give and how much is a parking ticket?

Great Falls Parking meters will allow you to park up to 2 hours at a cost of 50 cents/hour. If your meter runs out of time or you exceed the time limit, and you have not received a ticket within the previous 12 months, a courtesy ticket will be issued.

For the first offense after a courtesy ticket, the ticket will cost $5.00; the second offense after a courtesy ticket will cost $10, the third will cost $15, and the fourth and subsequent tickets will cost $20.  

A Handicap Parking ticket is $100.00, and all other types of violations are $20.00 (Fire Hydrant, Wrong Side to curb, End Zone, Boulevard, etc).

How do I pay my Great Falls parking ticket?

You can pay your ticket by using the envelope provided on your windshield.  Postage is FREE!

You can use the drop-box located on the south side of the Civic Center, near the entrance to the Mansfield Convention Center, south side of the building. The box says “Utility Payments” but Parking ticket payments are also gladly accepted.

To make a payment on the phone, you can call 406-455-8414 with your citation number & pay with a credit card.

You can also pay online using the "PAY NOW" button above.