Santa Ana residents can pay municipal utility bills online.

 You will need your account number and customer name to use this service. 


When are utility bills due in Santa Ana, California?

Santa Ana Utility bill is payable the day you receive it. It becomes delinquent the day after the PAYMENT DUE DATE shown on your bill. The "Payment Due Date" on your bill applies to the current charges and does not extend the due date on any unpaid previous balance. 

What is the penalty for late payment of utility bills in Santa Ana, CA?

If payment is not received prior to a Santa Ana Utility bill becoming delinquent, a late payment charge of 10% is applicable to the total unpaid balance carried forward from one month’s bill to the next and is included in the total amount due on the current bill. Additionally, your service may be disconnected.

If your service is disconnected for non-payment, reconnection will require payment in full of the amount owed as well as a reconnection charge. A deposit may be required. If your bill becomes delinquent, neither the billing nor payment of late charges relieves you of the obligation to pay all charges prior to the due date of the bill.