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Offered by County of Duval, Florida


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Pay for a traffic citation in Duval County, Florida online using this service. 

It may take several days from the date a traffic citation is issued for the Clerk's Office to receive and process the citation (online services will not be available until the citation is received and processed).

Please note that you have 30 days to respond to a citation. Failure to respond to your citation(s) within 30 calendar days of the issue date of the citation(s) will result in the suspension of your driver’s license and will require the payment of additional fees.


Which Duval County citations require a mandatory court appearance?

The following charges require you to attend a court hearing:

  • Leaving a child in an unattended vehicle
  • Load dropping/shifting
  • Accident involving serious bodily injury
  • Accident involving a fatality
  • Passing on entrance/exit side of school bus
  • Speed 30+ MPH in excess of posted speed limits

What is a civil traffic violation?

A civil traffic infraction is a non-criminal charge that can usually be disposed of by the payment of a civil penalty or an election to attend Driver Improvement School. Examples of civil charges include:

  • Pedestrian violations
  • Bicycle violations
  • Non-moving violations such as failure to wear your seat belt; not carrying your driver’s license, registration or insurance card; expired registration less than six months; or expired driver’s license less than six months;
  • Moving violations such as speeding; running a red light or stop sign; careless driving; child-restraint violations; or failing to maintain a single lane

What are the procedures for handling a citation for failure to carry or display a driver’s license, registration and/or a license tag?

If the item was valid at the time you were issued the citation, you may provide proof of your valid item to the Duval County Clerk’s Office at the time of payment. You will need to include a $10.00 dismissal fee and a copy of your citation. The Clerk’s Office will then dismiss the charge.