Using this service, the Panama City Police Department offers you easy access and an instant credit card or electronic check payment for parking tickets/citations/fines, alarm fines, or code enforcement fines. 

To pay your parking ticket online, you will need your ticket/citation number and/or your license plate number. Please note that convenience fees apply for online payments depending on the type of payment method. 


What are the options to pay a parking ticket issued by the Panam City (Florida) Police Department?

The Panama City Police Department offers you different options to pay your parking tickets/fines: 

  • Pay in Person: You can make walk-in payments by visiting the Panama City Police Department located at 1209 E. 15th Street.
  • Pay by Mail: You can also pay your Panama City parking tickets by mailing them via U.S. Mail to the  
  • Pay Online: You can pay your tickets online by clicking on the "PAY NOW" button above.