Search and Pay for City of Cupertino parking citations/tickets online using this service. 

You will need your Citation Number or your License Plate to search and pay for citations online. 


Does the City of Cupertino offer any payment plans for parking fines?

Yes, the City of Cupertino offers a payment plan for customers who are determined to be indigent under specified criteria.

A person may apply for a determination of indigence and to pay a citation in installments within 60 days of the citation’s issuance or within 10 days after the hearing determination (whichever is later).

The payment plan allows a maximum monthly payment amount of $25.00 if the amounts due total $300.00 or less. The maximum timeline for full payment under a plan is 18 months.

What do the different colors on the parking curb stand for?

The following is the designation for the Painted curb in the City of Cupertino: 

  • Red: No parking any time. 
  • Yellow: Commercial loading zone. Twenty minute limited parking for loading / unloading passengers and or materials.
  • White: Passenger loading zone. Three minute limited parking for loading / unloading passengers.
  • Green: Restricted parking zone. Twelve minute limited parking between 7 am and 6 pm Monday- Saturday.