Purchase a dog license for the County of Montgomery, Ohio online using this service.

Licenses are to be renewed annually between December 1st and January 31st. If you obtain a dog after January 31st, you are required to license your dog immediately.  A penalty equal to the cost of the dog license applies after 30 days of acquiring your pet. Unless confined in a registered kennel, dogs must wear their license tag at all times. Please note all dogs discovered without a dog license tag are subject to impounding, sale, or destruction. 

Ohio law requires dogs over 3 months of age to be licensed. The county is authorized to hold a licensed dog for up to 14 days after mailing a notice of its capture to the owner. Unlicensed dogs may be destroyed or adopted out after being held for 3 days. After the waiting period, dogs are evaluated for adoption, released to a reputable rescue group, or euthanized.


How can I get a duplicate tag for my dog?

If your dog’s tag is lost, Montgomery County Auditor will issue a duplicate tag for $5.00 when provided with proof of licensing.   

Why should I license my dog?

It is also Ohio law that all dogs are licensed:

  • All dogs three months of age or older must be licensed. No dog shall be harbored, kept, or owned without displaying a valid registration tag. (The law applies regardless of whether the dog is kept inside or out.) ORC (Ohio Revised Code) 955.21
  • A penalty shall be assessed if dog license is not secured on or before January 31st, or within 30 days after the dog becomes 3 months of age, or is brought from outside the state. ORC 955.01
  • Certificates or registration and registration tags shall be valid only during the CALENDAR year in which they are issued and during the first thirty-one (31) days of the following calendar year. ORC 955.09

If your dog is ever missing, a dog license tag provides a quick and accurate way of notifying you if someone else finds your pet.