This service allows you report a non-emergency incident that happened in the city limits to the Sausalito Police. 


What types of incidents can be reported using this online system?

The Sausalito Police Department’s online reporting system allows you to report the following non-emergency incidents:

  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • Identity Theft
  • Lost Property
  • Theft
  • Theft from Vehicle
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle Tampering

What is the criteria to report an incident online?

If you answered “yes” to every question below, then you may file your report online:

  • This incident is not an emergency?
  • This incident is not actively in progress?
  • This incident occurred within Sausalito City Limits?
  • This incident did not occur on a state freeway/highway?
  • There are no known suspects?
  • There is no physical evidence left at the scene?