Frequently asked questions from County of Harnett

When do I receive my tax bill? When are property taxes due?

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Harnett County tax bills are mailed July/August of each year and are due September 1st. Bills are considered delinquent after January 5th of the following year.

Who appraises my property?

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The Harnett County Assessors Office has a staff of qualified appraisers who under the direction of the Tax Administrator places the value on all real estate.

What type of property am I required to list?

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Real estate property is automatically listed, however you are required to contact our office with new additions or remodeling.Licensed motor vehicles are not required to be listed. Collection of Motor Vehicle taxes are combined with the renewal of the vehicles registration and are paid to NCDMV.

The items that you are required to list are: single-wide mobile homes, double-wide mobiles, airplanes, boats, boat motors, farm equipment ( if used for the production of income), four-wheelers, three-wheelers, and jet ski's. Businesses are required to list all equipment within their business.

Listing forms are due in the Harnett County Tax office by January 31st of each year.

Can I pay my Harnett County Water bill in person?

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Yes! In-person payments for Harnett County Water Bill are only accepted at Office of the Harnett Regional Water in Lillington and at the Town Hall in Erwin. 

What are the options to pay my Harnett County Water Bill?

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The following are the options available to pay your water/sewer bills from Harnett County (NC):   

  • Pay by Phone: Payments can be made during and after business hours by using the County's automated phone system using your Visa, Master Card, or Discover card by calling 910-893-7575. Choose option 1 for account information, you must enter your account number and then follow the automated instructions.
  • Pay by Bank Draft: Bank drafting from your checking or savings account is available. The County needs a completed Bank Draft Authorization form and a voided blank check or savings deposit slip. You can obtain the authorization form and instructions on the County's website, under “Public Utility Forms”.
  • Online Banking: Payments can be made from your personal online banking service. Please make sure your account number is entered in your computer system the same as on your bill including the hyphen. Example 123456-12345. Our business name can be set up as HCDPU. Please have payments mailed to PO Box 1119 Lillington NC 27546.
  • Pay by Mail: Payments can be mailed using the return envelope enclosed with your monthly bill along with the payment stub which is the bottom portion of the water bill. Payments without the payment stub should be mailed to PO Box 1119, Lillington NC 27546 with the account number written on the check.
  • Drop Box: Payments can be left in our drop box after business hours at our office located at 700 McKinney Parkway Lillington. Payments will be posted the next business day.
  • Pay Online: You can make online payment using the County's by clicking the PAY NOW button above.