Frequently asked questions from County of Gaston

When are property taxes due in Gaston County, North Carolina?

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For real estate, individual personal property, and business personal property, taxes are due September 1st for that current tax year. However, you can make prepayments prior to the bills coming out. These taxes will become delinquent after January 5th of the following year and subject to enforced collections efforts. 

What happens if my Gaston County Property taxes become delinquent?

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Gaston County delinquent taxes are subject to all tax collection remedies such as: levy, garnishment of wages, rents, attachment of bank accounts, foreclosures, and/or turning your account over to an outside collection agency.

Are there any Tax Relief programs available in Gaston County, NC?

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North Carolina laws provide three types of Property Tax Relief for North Carolina Residents:

  • Elderly or Disabled Exclusion
  • Disabled Veteran Exclusion
  • Circuit Breaker Property Tax Deferment

To know more about these and how to apply for them, please contact the Gaston County Tax Office.